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Choose your VR headsets from a lighted room.

Parent Review: Infinite Experience in Tacoma

This virtual reality experience is out of this world. It runs through Sept. 5.

Who would ever believe that behind an ordinary blue door, in a building in Tacoma, lies a portal to outer space?

A virtual reality experience sure to knock your socks off, the Infinite Experience in Tacoma uses technology to transport you to places you’d never think to be in a matter of minutes. If you or someone you know is obsessed with all things astronaut, this immersive experience could be absolutely life-changing.

Update, Aug. 8: Organizers say that Sept. 5, 2022, will be the closing day of this exhibit in Tacoma.

Building with a blue door. Behind the door is the VR experience

Buy tickets online, find parking nearby and head to the blue door to experience VR.

The logistics

I am not a big fan of space or anything infinite, but my 13-year-old son loves all things aeronautical. And thankfully, he is over 8 years old, which is the age you need to be to participate in the “world’s largest interactive immersive experience about outer space.” Tickets range from $12 for children (8-12) and $24 for adults. The price increase to $20.30 for children and $40.60 for grownups on weekends plus taxes and fees. You can purchase your tickets ahead of time online for times between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and make sure you remember that it is not open on Tuesdays.

The experience

Grownups, of a certain age, may have memories of attempting to recreate outer space with glow-in-the-dark stars on our bedroom ceilings as teenagers, so I was a little skeptical of what this adventure might be like. But this experience is truly “out of this world.” Once you check in, you step through a glowing rectangle portal in a spacious dark room and your journey begins. This is where you get details on how to wear the goggles that will make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality possible.

There’s no turning back. Time to be an astronaut in this outer space journey.

Entering space

It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you put the goggles on at the Infinite Experience in Tacoma. The room disappears. Your group, no matter the size, become sparkling droid-like beings with a yellow glow. It differentiates them from all other beings in the universe. You’ll see others roaming near you with a blue glow. As you enter space, a life-size 3D model of the International Space Station is right in front of you, floating in the stars. You can even walk through its walls.

There is no sense of time, it’s space!

There are interactive orbs that you touch and you become immersed in a moment in time on the International Space Station. Astronauts appear around you and it feels like you might actually have been transported off Earth altogether. You lose all concept of time because there is no time: You’re in space, but with training wheels. If you need help with something or become overwhelmed, you can put up your hand for assistance and someone will appear. After your walk through space is finished, you are instructed to step through another white portal to sit and experience the International Space Station from an astronaut’s point of view.

“It’s even better the second time,” I was told at the checkin desk as my son and I reluctantly exited back to Earth when we finished our hour’s mission.

Take photos at the “Wormhole” interactive art exhibit.

Not quite done

When you take off your goggles and your journey feels like it’s over, it still isn’t quite over. There are three interactive art exhibits after the immersive space experience. Take photos in these spaces as souvenirs of your adventure. The one called “Wormhole” was a favorite for both my son and me. Being able to take pictures together here was a really cool thing.

VR headset and other accessories on a table.

Can’t get enough of virtual reality? Rent a headset for home and experience outer space from the comfort of your couch.

If you want to continue your space experience pick up a “VR to Go” rental in the gift shop. You can borrow the headset for two to five days.

As for my son and me, we truly had a fabulous time. We’ll be back with the rest of the family before Sept. 5, when the experience is set to move on to another place.

Published July 14, 2022

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