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perfect summer day bruce harrell

Mayor Bruce Harrell. Photo courtesy of The Office of the Mayor.

A perfect summer day: A baseball game to remember

A summer memory from Mayor Bruce Harrell

Growing up in the Central District, I spent summers enjoying Seattle’s parks. As a student at T.T. Minor all the way through Garfield, from Powell Barnett to Pratt Park, playfields were a home away from home. Park programming and community investments in the form of time and mentorship put me on track for success. Later, as an adult, I brought those same lessons to South Seattle kids and my own children as a volunteer coach. 

One afternoon, when I was about 10 years old, I recall playing left field in a baseball game at Miller Park. My brother and I were on the same team, and my cousin was on the other side up to bat – our family must have taken up half the bleachers. With the crack of the bat, my cousin hit what was surely a home run – until it connected with my glove! 

The reaction from the crowd, also known as my aunt, uncle, and parents, was something else. That one out – an impressive leaping grab, if I do say so myself – sparked a back-and-forth that began in the bleachers and didn’t end until everyone went home after dinner. My aunt and uncle said I should have dropped the ball so my cousin could have hit a home run – however, my loyalty was to my brother not my cousin, of course! That day brought us closer together – in competition and conversation, in bond and banter. 

On many perfect summer days, Seattle parks offer a place to play sports, grow, and give back to our community – timeless activities available to all this summer. As mayor, it’s my honor to ensure our world-class public parks are places of adventure and exercise, outdoor classrooms, and welcoming safe havens. I encourage everyone to make the most of their summer spending some perfect days at our Seattle Parks. 

Mayor Bruce Harrell served on the Seattle City Council from  2008 to 2020 and was elected the 57th mayor of Seattle in 2021. 

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