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Rainy Day Blues? Bookmark "Make and Takes," Our Favorite New Blog

Seattle mom Marie LeBaron is the author of Make and Takes, a blog designed to to give ideas to entertain the kids no matter where you are.


Do you ever think to yourself, “It’s raining out and I have to figure out how to entertain these kids ALL DAY LONG”? Of course you do. Marie LeBaron, author of your new favorite blog Make and Takes, has the solution for those ALL DAY LONG thoughts. A Seattle mother of three — ages 12, 9 and 6 — Marie draws from her background as a kindergarten teacher, her love for crafting and her years of parenting to build a successful blog. So successful that Make and Takes is now her “full-time/part-time job”.

Make and Takes is full of useful tidbits, from crafts for kids and recipes for the family to parenting tips and fun Seattle-specific outings. One of her posts, “6 Airplane Busy Bag Ideas,” recently appeared on Alaska Airlines’ blog — a nod from people who know a thing or two about flying with kids.

Make and Takes has grown into a family affair. Marie’s 12-year-old son Matt has started writing book reviews; 9-year-old daughter Lucy worked with her mom and developed a video series of kids’ crafts. The video project so inspired Lucy that she’s now a contributing author to the blog.

Make and Takes is inspiring parents all over the world to create with their own families, and that continues to inspire Marie to blog, network and enjoy the process of creating. We’re so glad she’s still doing it.

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