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See this amazing Halloween costume in action (video)

Crafty parents are becoming makers. Add your photos, too!

Are you getting ready for Oct. 31? Can’t wait? Send us photos of your kid’s Halloween costume (or other cool contraptions and decorations) and we’ll add them to this running post. (Email

Video: See the bot Halloween costume on the move 

The Amazing COVID-safe Megabot

One Ballard parent has created a stunning bubble-blowing and lollipop-giving Megabot costume — all out of duct tape and cardboard! — for her young daughter. She even added an arm extender to the homemade Halloween costume so the bot can hand out lollipops more than 6 feet away from its tiny captain, in accordance with coronavirus prevention recommendations.

This is some serious craftsmanship and creativity!

Check out that COVID-safe lollipop arm extension, more than 6 feet from the bot’s captain.

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