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Spice it up at Hurry Curry

Specializing in Japanese comfort food, Hurry Curry has grown a loyal following in South Lake Union

Specializing in Japanese comfort food, Hurry Curry has grown a loyal following since opening their doors in 1989 in West Los Angeles. When owners Becky and Tai Yoshitani relocated to Seattle, they brought a little piece of Japan with them — after only a few months, Hurry Curry has already built a devoted following of hungry Seattleites. 

Japanese curry is a perfect gateway curry for kids, as it’s sweet and spiced, but not spicy-hot. The default heat level is mild, though chili fans can order it hotter if they wish. The signature 21-spice-blend curry sauce is served over rice and a number of toppings, including kid favorites such as breaded chicken cutlet (katsu) and fried chicken (karaage). The panko-crusted fish and the fried shrimp are hearty and delicious; for meat-free alternatives, you can add a number of different vegetables or tofu to any dish. 


If you’re looking for something aside from curry, a variety of other family-friendly options are available. Browse from a selection of Japanese “wafuu” pasta dishes, including one topped with succulent bites of fried chicken and their housemade “secret” white sauce. Or treat the kids to their Spaghetti Naporitan, made with sausage and a ketchup-based tomato sauce, which originated in Japan after World War II to feed hungry American G.I.s. Longtime kid favorite gyoza are available in pork or vegetable form, as are the light and crispy potato croquettes. The curry cheese fries are a deliciously decadent treat for the whole family, or a perfect late-night snack for parents enjoying a date night at one of South Lake Union’s many awesome bars. 

All the better for busy parents, Hurry Curry has a fast-serve counter, or you can order online through a number of local delivery services. 

825 Harrison St., Seattle,

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