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Renaissance Faire

Photo by Bryan Dazey,

Step back in time at the Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Fair runs three weekends in August and in 2023 is at a new location near Snohomish.

Expect a whole lot of family fun and adventure at the always colorful, sometimes chaotic, always entertainment-packed 2023 Midsummer Renaissance Faire.

Step back – way back – in time to find yourselves in ye old Towne of Merriwick, England (this year the new fair locations at 18601 Sky Meadows Lane, Snohomish.

The 2023 Midsummer Renaissance Faire takes place over three weekends in August each year. This year’s fair weekends are August 5-6, 12-13 and 19-20, 10 am – 7 pm.

It’s a magical place where knights joust, jesters roam the paths, blacksmiths, potters, seamstresses and weavers practice their ancient crafts, and storytellers are the teachers.

,For the best time, dress up as your favorite fairytale characters today to become active participants in the theme, “Fairytales & Fantasy Adventures.” Here’s the story behind it: Merriwick, a land far, far away, was once ruled by a beautiful and strong queen. The queen loved the fairytales she heard as a child so much that when she ascended the throne, she was determined to bring those characters to life. So once a year she presides over a townwide festival, celebrating storytellers and the characters they carry with them.

The annual tradition continues as all the people from all kingdoms (including the members of your family) are invited to the festivities. In this town, you’ll find dancers, singers, short plays, puppeteers, raptor demonstrations and a lot more, most demonstrated or enacted with as much historical accuracy as possible.

Get ready to hear timeless tales of heroism, mystery, magic ,and more. Don’t have a favorite fairytale character? No problem, come just as you are. All ages are welcome, kids are free.

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