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Thanksgiving on the town

Let’s be real: Some years, the best thing to make for Thanksgiving is reservations.


Let’s be real: Some years, the best thing to make for Thanksgiving is reservations. No kitchen prep getting in the way of you, the kids, and your BOB cruising the Turkey Trot, Beat the Bird, or Wattle Waddle. More time for football, board games, crafts, and fun. These five family-friendly spots serve fresh, satisfying feasts with menu diversity to suit most any group.

#ProTip: If your desired eatery takes reservations, make ’em right away. And be clear about the number of high chairs/boosters/other seating accommodations you’ll need for smoother sailing the day-of. And if you truly can’t stomach the idea of Thanksgiving night sans leftovers, pop by any major grocer for a ready-made dinner to heat later. Now: back to deciding which pair of pants or dress is the most, ahem, accommodating for all that eating.


Din Tai Fung

Little kids get their own special place settings at this Taiwanese-based dumpling chain; big kids get to feel stylish in the sleek space. Both get to pig out on xiao long bao: plump, juicy soup dumplings stuffed with pork; steamed buns and wontons filled with crab, vegetables, and various meats; delectable sweet-and-sour spare ribs; and noodle dishes galore. All three locations are open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.


Preservation Kitchen

This hidden gem tucked off the road inside a historic house is beloved for its sophisticated takes on comfort food (including a decadent smoked duck sandwich and pappardelle with wild boar ragù) and commitment to cooking with local, organic and seasonal ingredients and products. The traditional Thanksgiving feast is made with that same attention to detail, all amid a cozy atmosphere with two fireplaces and warm hospitality. Reservations required. (425) 408-1306; 17121 NE Bothell Way.


Bamboo Garden

This laid-back, meatless Chinese-style restaurant with a seemingly endless menu earns constant kudos for its tasty preparations of “meat” entrées, including the smoked vegetarian turkey it serves each year on Thanksgiving alongside baked yams, corn chowder soup, stuffing mixed with nuts and vegetables and apple pie. Reservations recommended. (206) 282-6616; 364 Roy St.

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