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The joy of (not) cooking

Dinnertime. We can't escape it. Every day we have to run errands, go to work, juggle the carpool, and yet no matter what else happens in our day, we must somehow make dinner happen for our families. Sure, there's always pizza delivery and fast food drive-through, but fortunately there are also some great prepared meal options for those nights, or weeks, when we just need to say F@%# It!


Founded by two Bay Area dads, Munchery just opened a Seattle location this summer. Currently they deliver only to Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and South Lake Union, but they hope to expand soon across the greater Seattle area. Chefs upload new menus daily of fresh-made entrées, sides, salads, desserts, salads and kids' meals (like flaky empanadas). You can also learn about the chef who prepared your meal selection on their beautifully designed site.

Eat Local

Eat Local serves up dozens of seasonal handmade meals, including the kid-approved meatloaf and spaghetti Bolognese, with pasta made from scratch and grass-fed beef. For those with food allergies or restrictions, Eat Local offers vegetarian and vegan dishes, and gluten- and dairy-free options. Purchase in-store, at one of Eat Local's four locations in Burien, Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and Queen Anne, or have them ship the frozen meals to your doorstep. Eat Local just started offering $2 same-day delivery within a 5-block radius of their downtown location.


Fresh and Ready Meals

Fresh and Ready Meals

Fresh and Ready Meals (also known as FARM), launched nearly two years ago by mom of two Becca Bay, offers family-friendly favorites like Penne di Parma and Jerk Chicken. While there's a minimum order of three meals a week, FARM's prices are quite competitive at $40 for three meals for one adult and just $10 for three meals for a child. FARM delivers for free throughout Seattle, Mercer Island and now Bellevue.

Kitchen Door

Former personal chef Susie Lane whips up dinner options for families with varying tastes — and dietary restrictions — and also offers options that are perfect for school lunches, like chicken wraps that come packaged with fruit and a cookie. Trying out Kitchen Door meals is pressure-free, with no minimum order required and flat-rate delivery fees. Kitchen Door delivers throughout Seattle and the Eastside and recently expanded to offer delivery to Snoqualmie.

Lucky Palate

Lucky Palate is a convenient and delicious option for families looking for vegetarian and vegan meals. There is a minimum order of three meals a week, but the generous portions mean you can feed two adults with one meal. Lucky Palate offers a clever and affordable way to try out their dishes with $1 Mondays. They offer up the previous week's menu items for just a dollar on a first-come, first-served basis.