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Three restaurants offering fancy (and kid-friendly) dining experiences

If you want to head out for a fancy dinner and need (or want) to being along the kiddos, these three restaurants offer a special dining experience for big and little diners alike.


If you want to  head out for a fancy dinner with your kiddos along, these three restaurants offer a special and memorable dining experience for big and little diners alike.


This charming French bistro in the heart of Ballard is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two (especially near the impressive and cozy fire pit), but is just as welcoming to families with small children. Their croque madame might be the best grilled ham-and-cheese your kids have ever had, the steak frites are perfection for the protein-focused, and the buttered pasta is always a crowd-pleaser. For the parents, an extensive wine list makes sure the night is extra special. 5307 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle.


Dahlia Lounge

This classy Tom Douglas establishment has long been a Seattle favorite, having just celebrated its 20th year in business, and its plush booths and luxurious décor will make dinner here any night of the week seem special. The crab cakes are legendary, and the potstickers delight diners of all ages. For kids who like to keep it simple, you’ll always find Tom’s daughter’s favorite butter-and-parmesan “oodles of noodles” on the menu. For dessert, the slice of coconut cream pie is big enough for the whole family to share, or treat the kids with some of the made-to-order doughnuts for a show-stopping end to the meal. 2001 4th Ave., Seattle.



The Herbfarm’s Jerry Traunfeld brought his own style of Northwest cooking to this Capitol Hill charmer which focuses on small dishes of fresh, complementary tastes. The small-plate model works perfectly for dining with kids who want to try a little of everything. Browse together through the various thali platters, or try the cheese plate or the sausage with polenta if your kids want their own dish. 622 Broadway E, Seattle.


Some nights it isn't just the good food you crave but even more, uninterrupted conversation with your partner – phones off, no kids.  Here are 25 options for kids' night out while you steal away for big people time: 25 Places Offering Kids Night Out so you can have  Parents Night Out