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Uber Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream!

Uber is celebrating its sixth annual Uber Ice Cream Day and is kicking off "Free Cone Fridays," from now until the end of summer (Sept. 22). As the name implies, every Friday until summer ends, if you request and match up with an Uber Ice Cream Truck, you'll receive five ice cream cones plus a free silicone Uber-stamped cone.


Whatever you do, don't toss that silicone swag! Uber partnered with McDonald's, so you can take that reusable Uber cone and get a free soft-serve refill at McDonald's every Friday through Sept. 22.

​Here's the scoop: Open the Uber app and tap to request ice cream.  If matched, Uber will send you ice cream for up to four people. Keep your silicone cup for refills until the end of summer.  Enjoy!

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