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School levies and bonds

Vote for Special Elections on February 13, 2024

VOTE: Tuesday’s Special Election impacts schools

3 King County districts are asking voters to approve program funds on Feb. 13

More than 35 special elections will be held across Washington on Tuesday, Feb. 13, including school levies in Auburn and Tukwila and a measure to increase the minimum wage in Renton.

Help schools meet the needs of kids – get out and vote in tomorrow’s special election.

Here are items on ballots in King County that impact students and workers, from teens to parents:

Edmonds School District program levies and construction bonds

The district is asking for about $700 million in educational program replacement levies and school facility construction bonds. That’s because more than 30 schools in the Edmonds School District were built more than five decades ago and haven’t been updated since. To learn more, go to the district’s special election webpage.

Tukwila School District programs and operations levy

It’s time to renew Tukwila’s Educational Programs & Ops Levy and its Technology and Capital Levy, covering about 13% of the district’s budget and helping to pay for extracurricular activities, music and art in schools, transportation, and other items.

Auburn School District programs and operations levy

The district’s Educational Programs and Operations levy will replace its expiring 2020 levy and cover 14% of the school district’s budget. It includes funding for athletics and activities, special education programs, and transportation. It also will help hire staff in areas that are underfunded by the state.

Increasing minimum wage in Renton

If a ballot initiative is approved in Renton, the minimum wage would climb to $20.29 an hour for workers in large businesses and $18.29 for smaller ones. Companies with less than 15 workers and making less than $2 million in gross revenue would be exempt.


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