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winter yum lect's soup stop

Bacon and sweet corn chowder; one of the ever-changing options at Lect's.

Winter yum: Lect’s Soup Stop

Warm up the kids and let them pick their own soup from this tiny-but-tasty shop

Nothing beats the cold weather like a bowl of hot soup. And no place does soup better than Lect’s Soup Stop, located at 5327 Denver Avenue in South Seattle. At Lect’s, the list of delicious and filling soups changes daily.

winter yum lect's soup stop

Find out what’s on the menu each day by going to Lect’s FaceBook page.

What doesn’t change is the cost – each bowl is less than $10. Are the words soup and sammy inseparable in your family? No problem, the sandwich menu here is lengthy and most are big enough to share.

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