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5 easy steps: Teach your kid to garden

Fun ways to get outside and get your hands dirty.

Gardening for kids: It’s the perfect time to start your own garden! Whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers or both, here are some ways to share the gardening experience with your child.

  1. Choose your space. Do container gardening, get a plot of land in a community garden or just start digging up your own backyard. Prep your area. Get little hands dirty and dig away!
  2. Choose your seeds and starts. Plant bunches of strawberry starts or peas, carrot, arugula, cucumber or tomato seeds. Search for varieties that can be picked through late spring and summer.
  3. Kids can help by planting seeds in your garden, or gently loosen the roots of small veggie starts, then place them in a pot.
  4. Cover roots and seeds with soil. Water away!
  5. Teach your child about pollination and the importance of the sun and water. Plant flowers that are attractive to bees and other pollinators and watch your garden grow! 

Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents are kid-friendly plants that easily grow and seed themselves in containers and garden beds. 

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Container gardening with kids: Cultivate your little one’s green thumb with these tips and tricks for gardening beyond the classroom’s seed-in-cup lessons.

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