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Farm country: woman and child with pumpkin in Stocker Farms pumpkin patch

Photo from Stocker Farms.

5 farm country outings for 2021

Fall is the perfect time to escape the city and take a day trip.

The Pacific Northwest has beautiful farm country, and fall is the perfect time to explore it.

And this year, a lot of us need farm outings more than ever. With the continuing stress of the pandemic, we have a particular need to get out of town, and contemplate some pumpkin fields and chickens.

Luckily, despite COVID-19 restrictions, there are plenty of great things to do.

All are outdoors, and are available regardless of the weather.

Pick apples

There’s nothing like an apple fresh from the tree, and the trip is part of the fun. Farms where your family can enjoy apple picking.


Find the perfect pumpkin — and more!

Whether you are interested in country-fair type fun, or you just want to walk through a pumpkin field, or you are up for something in between, there’s a farm that will suit your family. Things have changed a little from previous years. Farms are restricting the number of visitors that come in, and some activities from previous years have been canceled or altered, but there’s still lots going on.

Find the perfect pumpkin patch for your family


Spend a day on a farm

Here’s a wonderful day trip your family can do. (Warning! Your children may start asking you for chickens.) Carnation farms family tour is a feast for the senses.


Tour a rural museum

Learn about local history and the first people to farm this area. Fun day trip for COVID times: Pioneer Farm Museum & Ohop Indian Village.


Go visit a salmon stream

Salmon are a vital part of Washington’s landscape, and autumn is the best time to see the drama of spawning. Great places for families to watch salmon.


Originally published Oct. 22, 2020

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