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Seattle center's International Fountain

Spray parks and splash parks in Seattle, the Eastside and beyond


Editor's note: Updated May 2019

On a hot day, you can hear a typical Seattle spray park before you see it.

It’s not the sound of the water that carries — it’s the giggles and shouts of kids. The Seattle area boasts a variety of spray parks: from the small — the sprinkling sculptural sea creatures of Ballard Commons — to the epic: Seattle Center’s International Fountain, which boasts shows set to music and nozzles that shoot water 120 feet into the air.

The International Fountain flows all year, but for the many spray parks run by parks departments, spray is a strictly summer phenomenon.

The spray parks run by the Seattle Parks Department open this year on Saturday, May 25 (except for Jefferson Park, which opens May 28) and run until Sept. 2 (Sept. 5 for Jefferson Park). They run daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., unless there is thunder and lightning. To check, visit the spray parks and wading pools website. Seattle's wading pools, meanwhile, mostly open for the season on June 22 or later, and some of their schedules are less regular. Details here.

When you go, bring a change of clothes, towels, sandals with non-slippery soles for the kids, sunscreen and first aid supplies, snacks and a book for yourself: It's usually hard to pull the kids away.

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Jefferson Park (Beacon Mountain)

3801 Beacon Ave S

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Opens May 28 to Sept 5.

If you're a fan of playgrounds, you need to check out Beacon Mountain, the eco-friendly play area that includes Jefferson park's spray park. It's full of fun places for kids to climb, pretend and test themselves physically. The spray park is situated invitingly at the bottom of two slides set into the hillside.


Northacres Park

12718 1st Ave NE

Neighborhood: Haller Lake

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

A big spray park with fun features, including a maze painted on the ground and jets kids can direct. Part of a lovely, shady park.


Yesler Terrace Park

835 Yesler Way

Neighborhood: Yesler Terrace

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

Seattle's newest spray park doubles as a paved plaza full sculptures resembling young children's building toys. Don't miss the state-of the art playground, built into the hillside.


Judkins Park

2150 S Norman St

Neighborhood: Central District

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

Water sprays from three concrete bollards and flows from atop a concrete sculpture of a kelp forest.


Georgetown Playfield

750 S Homer St

Neighborhood: Georgetown

Open May 25 to Sept. 2.

Along with the spray park, Georgetown Playfield has a swanky playground, plus ball fields and tennis courts. Plus, it's so close to Boeing Field that you can see planes landing gear as they swoop in.


Highland Park Playground

1100 SW Cloverdale St

Neighborhood: Highland Park

Open May 25 to Sept. 2.

Highlight of this spray park: the bucket dump. Highland Park Playground also has a playground, ball fields, tennis courts and a wonderful view of Mt. Rainier.


Lake Union Park

860 Terry Ave N

Neighborhood: Cascade

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

Kids will have fun running through the jets coming out of the pavement.


John C. Little, Sr. Park

6961 37th Ave S

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

The spray park is part of a popular playground at this park near New Holly.


Miller Playfield

330 19th Ave E

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Opens May 25 to Sept. 2.

A compact, geometrically inviting spray park, set next to a playground and ball fields.


Ballard Commons Park

5701 22nd Ave NW

Neighborhood: Ballard

Open May 25 through Sept. 2.

The most modest of Seattle's water play features, this spray park in the most urbanized part of Ballard consists of squirting sculptures of sea creatures.


Pratt Park

1800 S Main St

Neighborhood: Central District

Closed for construction in summer 2019.

This popular park has an exuberant atmosphere and lots of kids on sunny days.


Beyond Seattle

 Les Gove Park, 910 9th St SE, Auburn, open May 27 to Sept. 2.

 Crossroads Park, 999 164th Ave NE, Bellevue, open May 24 to Sept. 2.

Bellevue Downtown Park (Inspiration Playground), 100 100th Ave NE, Bellevue, open May 24 to Sept. 2.

Sammamish Commons, 550 222nd Place SE, Sammamish, open June to September.

Angle Lake Park, 19408 International Blvd, SeaTac

Tukwila Community Center Spray Park, 12424 42nd Ave S, Tukwila, open May 27 to Sept. 2.

Edmonds City Park, Hazel Miller Spray Park, Third Avenue South and Howell Way, Edmonds

Town Square Park, 31600 Pete von Reichbauer Way S., Federal Way