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5 ways to get your fill: Dinosaurs and fossils!

Wannabe paleontologists young and old will dig these ideas.

Budding scientists love to learn about and study all the different varieties of dinosaurs and fossils. Follow these tips and have a Mesozoic May and a Jurassic June!

  1. Woodland Park Zoo (West Gate), 5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle: May 1 to Sept. 6. At the exhibition Dinosaur Discovery, see more than 20 life-size, lifelike moving, roaring dinos, including a 40-foot-long T. Rex.
  2. Burke Museum, 4300 15th Ave. NE, Seattle: Ogle the only real dinosaur fossils on display in Washington. See a T. Rex skull, as well as massive Ice Age mammals and plant fossils.
  3. Ginkgo Petrified Forest Interpretive Center, 4511 Huntzinger Rd., Vantage: Road trip to Central Washington! See an ancient fossil bed as you hike a 1.25-mile interpretive trail, and  look out for nearly two dozen exposed petrified logs.
  4. Fremont topiaries. Check out the two ivy dinosaurs that live almost canalside in Fremont. They roam the earth by the Burke-Gilman Trail, just south of North 34th Street and Phinney Avenue North.
  5. Dig for “fossils” in your yard. Set up a sandbox or sand table and plant faux dino bones deep in the stratigraphic layers of your backyard dig site.

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