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Seattle waterfront with kids

The new light-penetrating sidewalks allow rays of sunshine to filter down into the water, supporting sealife below. Plus, they make for fun walking! (Photos by Molly White)

A day out on the Seattle waterfront with kids

Even though construction continues, there's plenty to do, see and eat!

As the ski season tapers off, our family’s weekend schedule is opening up again and we are looking forward to enjoying some outdoor adventures that don’t require a significant drive — or, thanks to bikes and public transit, no drive at all!

Pier 62, part of Seattle’s Waterfront Park, is open and welcoming visitors. Head down for great views, gourmet eats and an exciting lineup of Friday events featuring local artists!

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Feeding the fishies in the big tank at the entrance to the exhibits at the Seattle Aquarium. (Photos by Molly White)

Visiting with sealife

We spent some time at the Seattle Aquarium watching a diver feed the fish in the huge tank, observing sea animals glide around in the water, dodging other animals and parts of their exhibit. Perhaps our all-time favorite animal at the aquarium is the giant pacific octopus, who was in a particularly playful mood when we visited.

The Giant Pacific Octopus showing off its suckers and gliding by the children.

Another highlight was meeting the newest mammalian addition to the aquarium — the spritely Casey, an 8-year-old male harbor seal who moved here from Seaside Aquarium in Oregon. He appeared to be having a great deal of fun getting to know his new roommates (the other two male harbor seals at Seattle Aquarium), Barney and Hogan. We watched the animals interact in this special way.

A giant bite of hot dog goodness.

Seattle waterfront with kids: food

We grabbed lunch at an old waterfront classic on Pier 55: The Frankfurter. The spirit of this booth does not appear to have changed since I frequented it circa 1995. The kosher dog with hot kraut was as delicious as ever, and my children gobbled the kid’s version. Plus, the prices were refreshingly cheap for a Seattle eatery.

Work on the waterfront isn’t done yet. For some visitors, that’s part of the allure!

Construction zone

Another fun reason to get to the waterfront sooner rather than later is all the construction! Digger-obsessed kids and adults alike will be impressed by the highly specialized construction equipment. Exciting demolition and construction projects are occurring daily. Visitors are encouraged to come down to enjoy this free form of family entertainment. Safe viewing areas are readily available. Go here to find out more about construction at the waterfront.


Pickup soccer and other fun and games on Pier 62.

Seattle waterfront with kids: big chess!

Next we strolled down to Pier 62 for some fun and games. While my youngest took a nap in her stroller, the boys enjoyed vigorous games of pickup soccer with several groups of friendly strangers on the pier’s high-quality mini soccer field. With our new friends, we also enjoyed cornhole and giant chess. In addition, the pier has a giant checkers board, restrooms, recycling and trash receptacles.

There’s also signage about all the free and family-friendly programming happening there, and plenty of colorful metal chairs and tables for everyone to use.


We ended our day out and went back home feeling excited about the revitalization that is taking place on the waterfront. We look forward to seeing the area back in action within the next few years.

We skipped it this time, but when you head down to the waterfront with your family this spring, be sure to “one up” us by also taking a trip around the Seattle Great Wheel at Pier 57. That would be a spectacular end to any waterfront day.

Published March 31, 2022

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