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Amy Jensen has shown her boys what a mother can do | Unsung Hero

Energetic, spirited Port Angeles mom has overcome a lot and is full of love

Seattle’s Child is proud to partner with the state Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington to honor outstanding caregivers in our state doing important work on behalf of children.

All month long, we’ll introduce you to the Unsung Heroes chosen by the Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington .  These biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents come from around Washington state.  Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofits; some mentor others in their communities. Enjoy their stories as told by the person who nominated them to be an Unsung Hero.

Amy Jensen, Port Angeles


Amy grew up in Port Angeles. She became a mother of three boys and overcome many obstacles in her marriage. Her strong ties to the mountain-biking and surfing community, along with her passion to be in the woods have been a source of emotional, mental, and spiritual support. While raising her children she has worked to support her family, get an education, buy a home, and propel her career.

She has been a parent educator at First Steps Family Support Center, a preschool teacher at PCC, and after she got her degree she was hired at the state Department of Children, Youth & Families working in the DD program and currently in Child Protective Services.

Amy has done everything in her power to support herself, her family, and her community. All while she shines brightly with her energetic, wanderlust, stoked-on-life soul. At her core she has overcome many dark nights yet that has only strengthened her tenacity regarding the importance in protecting children, encouraging parents, and having solid relationships with the people around her.  Amy has the power inside of her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to but especially when it is in line with her heart and soul.

She brings this energy into the room or trail or shore brake.  She has shown her boys what a mother can do. She has shown her community what a woman can do. She has shown herself what love can do.


Nominator: Deanna Wells



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