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animal architects book

A prairie dog town in the new book "Animal Architects." (Courtesy of Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster)

‘Animal Architects’ offers a glimpse into fascinating wild homes

New nonfiction picture book shows animals' cool digs around the world.

Hey there, animal lovers, science fans and young makers. The new nonfiction book “Animal Architects” takes kids into a bee hive and a prairie dog town as it explores the astounding architectural creations put together by humans’ furry, winged and undersea counterparts. 

animal architects cover

The book — written by Amy Cherrix and illustrated by Chris Sasaki — is geared toward ages 3 to 8, and features captivating full-page illustrations, making it a fun resource for children fascinated by the unique habitats of animals around the world, whether they be undersea cities or spiders’ trapdoors. It was released on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

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Highlights include a cutaway look into a prairie dog town, a look into the inner workings of a hive and a visit to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 

animal architects

An ant colony in “Animal Architects.” (Courtesy of Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster)

“Animal Architects” author Cherrix has also written the nonfiction books “In the Shadow of the Moon,” “Backyard Bears” and “Eye of the Storm.”


animal architects

The coral finally gets its due for all its hard work in “Animal Architects.” (Courtesy of Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster)

Sasaki has illustrated the books “Home Is a Window” and “Paper Son: The Inspiring Story of Tyrus Wong, Immigrant and Artist.”

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