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Four great books that will make you feel hungry

These entertaining stories (with recipes) will feed kids’ minds.

Food books: These four titles are fantastic tales about children’s favorite foods, and they give the recipes too. They provide a great opportunity to snuggle together — and to create good, comforting food together.

food books / Rene Holderman Book Corner Sept/Oct 2021


Kalamata’s Kitchen

by Sarah Thomas; illustrated by Jo Kosmides Edwards

Kalamata’s stuffed alligator, Al Dente, is nervous about starting school. She thinks a trip to the Indian spice market is just the fix; unfortunately she and Al Dente cannot make it to India before school starts, so pretending under the table will have to do. Kids will delight in this book’s artistic representation of Indian cooking and how the comforts of homemade food can make us brave enough to face any obstacle. Includes a recipe for dal.

Rene Holderman Book Corner Sept/Oct 2021

Every Night Is Pizza Night

by J. Kenji López-Alt; illustrated by Gianna Ruggiero

Pipo is convinced that pizza is the best food out there – so convinced, in fact, that she refuses to eat anything else. However, when she sets out to prove that pizza is the best through science, her determination to collect data means that she has to sample food other than pizza. This is a humorous story for kids with limited palates about how opening yourself up to new experiences leads to delicious discoveries, and finding that there can be more than one “best.” Includes a recipe for pizza.

Rene Holderman Book Corner Sept/Oct 2021


Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

by Kevin Noble Maillard; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal

Fry Bread is an award-winning poetic journey about one of the staples of modern Native American cuisine. This beautifully illustrated book explains the cultural significance of fry bread, and gives kids a culinary lesson in history. Fry Bread tells us that cultural ingenuity endures even when it seems impossible. Includes a recipe for fry bread.

Rene Holderman Book Corner Sept/Oct 2021


Dumplings for Lili
by Melissa Iwai

Lili is spending the day making bao with Nai Nai. It’s her favorite dish and making it is her favorite thing to do. When Lili and Nai Nai don’t have the final ingredient to finish the bao, Lili goes on a journey through her apartment building and the reader experiences a glimpse into dumplings from all over the world. Complete with adorable illustrations and a heartwarming message about how food can bring us together, Dumplings for Lili is a fun read that kids will enjoy. Includes a recipe for bao.

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