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Bike to School Day in Seattle

Happening May 8 - bike, roll or walk to school!

Now’s the time to pump up the tires, check helmets and get ready to pedal!

On Wednesday, May 8, thousands of kids, teachers, and parents will use bikes to get to school throughout the Puget Sound area on  Bike to School Day in Seattle.

The event is a national and month-long celebration that encourages students to try out biking and begin their school day with an active commute. According to the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, physical activity is especially important for children and adolescents because it boosts learning and memory, reduces the risk of obesity, and can establish lifelong healthy habits.

Cascade Bicycle

Cascade Bicycle Club promotes the event locally, offering tips and incentives. Track your minutes riding, rolling, and walking and the Club enter your name in a raffle for a prize. Your school, as a whole, can participate too! Log the number of kids, minutes or percentage of children participating and be in the running to be recognized on the Cascade website. 

Last year, the Cascade Bicycle Club recognized schools for their tremendous efforts in getting kids out and about in a healthy and active fashion. Adams Elementary had the largest percentage of students who rode to school on Bike to School Day. St. John had the most students who rode on Bike to School Day and West Woodland had the most minutes ridden during the month.

Keep in Mind Safety

In general, young children are not prepared to ride on the street alone.

Cascade Bicycle Club encourages people driving to take extra care on Wednesday. Help keep kids safe by driving the speed limit, silencing distracting devices, and giving kids extra room on the road. Most elementary school children will need to ride with their parents or another adult. Reach out to your Bike to School coordinator to discuss route planning, ride trains and other ideas for safe commuting.


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