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Day one.

I paced around picking up little pieces of dust waiting for the van to pull up.

I mowed the lawn, cleaned, organized, and ran a few errands. I saw them pull up and couldn't help but go outside to meet them.

What a cutie! It was the first day so he started off shy and stand-off-ish, then got very playful when we went to the playground and ran around and played on every toy in the jungle gym. He said cute stuff like "we're gonna have fun together". We then made dinner which I had him help prepare so it was salad with chicken, lettuce, oranges, strawberries, apples, carrot, yogurt and then a glass of water (in the salad). He ate it though so can't complain.

He didn't seem to have words for his feelings and tested limits briefly at dinner by saying things he thought would upset me a little. Tomorrow we will make pizza if all goes well. He struggled a bit with bath and bed time. He seemed to want to do everything himself but got soap in his eyes and freaked out a bit. He had to calm down before I could convince him to wash the shampoo out of his hair. Then bed-time and he didn't want a story or anything. After a few minutes I heard him fake crying and I went in and sat on the bed while he fell asleep.

He kept looking up to see if I was still there until he started snoring away. Now it is me time for a bit before I go to sleep. It sounds like he might have sleep apnea He also mentioned stabbing me at dinner…that was creepy. Day one… check.