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Dr. Sarah Bergman Lewis will host an information session on Zoom November 29th at 8 pm answering questions about caring for your sick child.

Caring for your sick child: free online expert Q & A

Do you feel out of practice or uncomfortable managing your sick child?

Have you experienced more illness in your child in the last few months than in the past few years combined?  Do reports of busy ERs have you worrying about what to do when your child is ill?  Do you feel out of practice or uncomfortable managing your sick baby or kid?

Get expert answers and reassurance in a free, online parent-education workshop with pediatrician Sarah Bergman Lewis, MD a physician at Ballard Pediatrics Clinic.

The hour-long session about caring for your sick child begins at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29 will cover:

  • Fever: The best way to take a child’s temperature, at what point a fever is worrisome, when/how to use medication for a fever.
  • RSV: How this is different from the common cold, and what to do if you think your child has RSV.
  • Rash: What types of rashes are dangerous and/or contagious, and how to treat them.
  • Cough: What to do about your child’s lingering cough, and when to worry.
  • Seeking care: When to see a provider and when you should go to urgent care and/or emergency room.
  • Additional topics: Questions can be submitted in advance.

Go here to fill out a short survey and register for the workshop. A zoom link will be sent 24 hours before it starts. Note: Attendance is capped at 100, so sign up early to learn how to care for your sick child.

This session is presented by Ballard Pediatrics and Seattle’s Child. Dr. Bergman Lewis is a pediatrician at Ballard Pediatrics.


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