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Children’s Safe Products Bill Introduced: Join the Toxic-Free Kids Campaign

You've likely heard about lead and phthalates in toys and other children's products, and that recent legislation has placed limits on the two toxic chemicals in toys. This week, Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson and Sen. Sharon Nelson introduced legislation to protect children's health from a slew of other toxic chemicals found in toys and children's items.

The proposal, called the Children's Safe Products Bill of 2011 (HB 1319 and SB 5231), requires manufacturers of children's products to identify safer chemicals and materials that could be used in place of harmful chemicals in their products, and establish a plan for possibly replacing the harmful chemicals with the safer alternatives.

By taking a proactive approach to finding safer alternatives for their products, manufacturers will have the information they need to stop using chemicals that harm children's health. With the introduction of the Children's Safe Products Bill, Washington joins 29 other state legislatures that will be considering laws in 2011 to protect children and families from harmful chemicals.

If you are interested in helping the Children's Safe Product Bill pass, join the Washington Toxic Coalition's Toxic-Free Kids Campaign. Sign the petition on their web site and stay up-to-date with emails about the campaign.

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