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Claiming your space: Kids' books on mindfulness and advocacy


Nat Neville is a passionate youth worker, educator, and writer, currently working as a programs manager for the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. When not at Fearless Ideas, Nat can be found gardening, sipping coffee, throwing pottery, or picnicking at Volunteer Park.


When Aidan Became a Brother

Written by Kyle Lukoff, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

I have searched high and low for a well-written children's book with a transgender main character, and When Aidan Became a Brother is the first I've found that truly hits the mark. With thoughtful words and beautiful illustration, this book celebrates the experiences of trans kids and highlights the importance of loving someone for who they are, while also exploring the relatable experience of preparing for a new baby in the family.


I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness

Written by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter Reynolds

One of the most important things that we do in our programs at Fearless Ideas is teaching and incorporating short, accessible mindfulness practices into all of our activities. I Am Peace does an excellent job of normalizing and putting words and illustrations to the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that many children (and adults) experience, then offers a variety of simple mindfulness techniques that readers of all ages can try.


What Can a Citizen Do?

Written by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Shawn Harris

What Can a Citizen Do? is a favorite of mine because it explores a variety of answers to the question posed in its title through a poetic short story, alongside beautiful illustrations of children who reflect our community at Fearless Ideas. Eggers and Harris encourage readers to consider that what makes someone a citizen is our actions, not our birthplace, and to do kind things for one another.


What to Read in the Rain: A Literary Sunbreak in an Otherwise Gray Day

Writing by Famous and Soon-to-be-Famous Authors from The Bureau of Fearless Ideas

The most recent edition of Fearless Ideas’ annual anthology, What to Read in the Rain, features a variety of literary works written by young authors from our programs over the past year alongside poems and short stories by local professional writers. From a tale of animals escaping the Woodland Park Zoo to interactive stories that call on the reader's help to write the endings, this compilation is delightful for readers of all ages. Stop by our Greenwood location to visit us and buy a copy!


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