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Cleveland High School Students Seek Donations of Flip Flops and Crocs for Trip to Guatemala


Three freshmen students in Cleveland High School's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program will be traveling to Guatemala from Feb. 17 through 25 to spread the word on the prevention of ascaris, a type of roundworm that infects humans. The students – Hanna Rossen, Adam Gruenbaum and Shanteria Wright – are asking the community to help by donating their flip flops or Crocs, which they will then deliver to patients at several clinics in Guatemala.

Ascaris is typically transmitted when the eggs or lavae in the soil get into a person's mouth or skin. The students will be visiting medical clinics in Monterico, a small beach town where intestinal worms and other health issues are a major concern. The students will present information to the community about how a low-cost solution, such as wearing footwear, can drastically reduce ascaris and other worm infections.

A donation box is set up at the main office of STEM at Cleveland, located at 5511 15th Ave. S. in Seattle. To learn more about this endeavor, visit

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