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CoolMom Denounces Dirty Coal

The Seattle Times opinion page ran an editorial entitled Stopping Washington state coal production is a no-brainer on Feb. 17. The piece stoked the anti-dirty coal fires of members of the Seattle-based non-profit group CoolMom. Following is a Letter to the Editor submitted by CoolMom Executive Director Terri Glaberson .

Dear Editor,

I agree with the recent op-Ed out of the Seattle Times, Stopping Washington state coal production is a no-brainer. I am writing as a concerned parent. I am a mother of a 5-year-old daughter and her health and well being is paramount. As the Director of CoolMom representing over 1,000 moms and dads whose mission is to affect climate change, I am in support of transitioning the TransAlta coal fired power plant off of coal by 2015.

Simply, coal fired power plants are dirty and are causing high costs of health care and costing our children their health.

As a mom, I am concerned about my daughter's health and the many children who are affected by the toxins expelled from the coal fired plant in Centralia, WA. One of the most dangerous toxins spewed into the air, water and soil is mercury, a powerful neurotoxin that affects children's neurological development resulting in many cases, children with autism, asthma and birth defects.

Why should we compromise and limit our children's health because of the use of dirty coal? Don't our children deserve a healthy start?

Our legislators should do the right thing to ensure that TransAlta transitions off of coal by 2015. Each year we postpone the transition results in thousands of pounds of mercury and other toxic spew affecting our children's lives.

We must do what our children cannot yet do for themselves and be their voice and ensure a healthy and safe environment for their future.

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