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Creative Dance Center Hosts “BrainDance” Educator Workshop

On Sunday, Jan. 23, the Creative Dance Center will host the educator workshop "BrainDance: Integration and Coordination Through Movement." The workshop will help educators learn how to incorporate the concepts in the book BrainDance, written by Creative Dance Center Founder Anne Green Gilbert, into their teaching.

Terry Goetz, school director at Creative Dance Center, will lead the workshop, which runs from 1 to 4 p.m. The cost is $65 and clock hours are available. The Creative Dance Center is located at 12577 Densmore Ave. N. in Seattle.

Easy access to technology and media means that children and teens are spending a lot of time in front of computers, TVs and cell phone screens. Cutbacks in recess and PE time add to their lack of physical activity, which can impact health, weight, concentration and cognition. Movement and exercise improve both brain function and focus. BrainDance is a unique movement tool that can be tailored to youth of all ages and abilities.

The workshop will take participants through the eight developmental movement patterns humans move through in the first year of life that wire the central nervous system. BrainDance is based on these patterns. The benefits of using BrainDance may include improved alignment, connectivity, coordination and expressivity; brain oxygenation for clarity and focus; body-mind integration; and reorganization of the neurological system.

Save the date: The next educator workshop at Creative Dance Center is slated for Sunday, Feb. 13, with the topic "Teaching Dance: Fostering Creativity in Students." To register for one of these workshops, or for more information, call 206-363-7281 or visit

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