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Crumbl cookies

A pink box of yum. (Photo: Allison Holm)

Crumbl cookies

These blow-your-mind cookies will raise the baked goods bar.

If you haven’t tried Crumbl Cookies, you need to. Soon. Extra-large, soft cookies in blow-your-mind flavors stuffed into Instagrammable pink boxes. There are only 5 locations in Washington (see below), but don’t fret — they deliver through Door Dash. Easy cookie access.

Two cousins, one dream

Sawyer Hemsley and his cousin, Jason McGowan, became obsessed with creating the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. They dove headfirst into baking, tasting and testing, and asking random passerby at local gas stations and grocery stores to try their cookies. They narrowed down their ingredients by having people taste test two cookies side by side, and asking them which they liked best. Sawyer and Jason continued fine tuning ingredients and baking methods until finally they came up with what they believe to be the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.

Crumbl cookies

(Photo: courtesy of Crumbl Cookies)

Brick and mortar

When the cousin duo were satisfied that they’d, in fact, created the world’s best cookie, they set out to open their first store in Logan, Utah in 2017. The shop featured an open kitchen, so customers could watch their cookies be mixed, balled, baked and packaged in their iconic pink packaging. Crumbl has since grown to 200 franchise bakeries in 32 states nationwide.

Rotating menu

As the company grew, so did their cookie flavors. Favorites like chilled pink sugar cookie, red velvet, and banana cream pie joined the chocolate chip mainstay. Today, there’s a weekly rotating menu, featuring unique must-try’s like key lime pie, lemon poppy seed, chocolate cupcake, mallow sandwich, and peaches & cream. If these decadent masterpieces aren’t enough for your sweet tooth, you can add some Crumbl Cream to your cookies (yes, they have their own ice cream too, of course they do). Flavors like sea salt toffee and hot chocolate can take your idea of dessert as you know it to a whole new level.

Crumbl cookies

A pink box of yum. (Photo: Allison Holm)

Crumbl Cookies isn’t just delish — they’re tech savvy too. download their delivery app and follow them on Instagram for updated on flavors and new locations.


— There are 5 location in WA (Marysville, Puyallup, Covington, Richland and Vancouver).

— Over 120 cookie flavors, packaged in packaged in 4, 6, and 12-pack boxes. (You can also grab a single).

— They offer catering, and can be delivered to your door or shipped nationwide (as well as picked up at a location).


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