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Easy Street Cafe

A well-recorded breakfast: Easy Street Records & Cafe

A hot spot for music loving tween, teens and parents

When you walk into the upstairs-downstairs Easy Street Cafe, great music is always playing. How can it not be? This eatery is located not quite inside Easy Street Records, but in its own space right next to the store’s wall-to-wall music kitsch, posters, bays and bays of vinyl records and CDs, music posters, saint musician votive candles and all things rock-n-roll (and folk, and metal, and name your musical genre).

For kids moving toward or through adolescence, music can feel as essential as breath. Consider Easy Street for this reason: If you bundle a wide range of music with a tasty breakfast, you might just get some great table conversation? And this is why the this stop in the heart of West Seattle is a popular breakfast stop for tween, teens and a whole lot of parents, too.

On the cafe side, you’ll find an expansive menu of delicious breakfast dishes, with fitting music-oriented names: the “James Browns” hash browns are crispy and loaded, the Blueberry Hill Hotcakes really rock and you and your kids may just write your own rap about the Notorious B&G biscuits and gravy. 

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