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Erika's stay-at-home picks for April 25 and 26

Play with Your Food

YouTube is your friend for food art inspiration. Have picky eaters? Or simply kids needing a creative outlet? Bring out the peelers, butter knives, fruits and vegetables, and create "real" and pretend creatures to delight your family both visually and nutritiously at your next meal. Learn how here.


Mirror Self-Portraits

Have dry erase markers gathering dust in a drawer? Pull them out for a fun afternoon selfie session. Center yourself in a mirror and then try to draw your reflection. Guaranteed giggles with this activity!


Box Fort

Amazon delivery has inadvertently been providing the bones of many a good fort these past few weeks as home shopping orders have increased. Why not repurpose those small, cardboard shipping containers and let your kids create with them? They can tape, glue, cut, color and stack their way to a fabulous structure in any spare space, which will become the perfect place to get away while staying in. Here are some pointers.


Petite Pizzas

Kids and parents will love this easy lunch/snack that kids can create themselves. Simply deal tortillas out on a cookie sheet, top with basic pizza sauce, grated cheese and any favorite pizza fixings, then bake at 400 degrees for 8 minutes for a perfect tasty treat.


Change Jar Math

Pull out your change jar and handful of paper cupcake holders. Write an amount (41 cents, 27 cents, etc.) on the bottom of each cupcake holder, then set your kid(s) to the task of compiling that amount out of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. See if they can come up with the same amount more than once using different coins. The bonus for this activity? Let them keep the change!