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Erika's stay-at-home picks for April 4 and 5


Super String Art

Scrap wood, string, small nails and a hammer. That's all you need for this fun, creative craft. If you want to really be ambitious, you can pre-paint the wood, but it isn't a requirement. Simply hammer the nails into the wood randomly or in a pattern (templates can be found online), then start winding the string tightly in and around the nails, and before you know it, you'll have an original piece of art!


Dinner is Served

If the current stay-home scenario has curtailed your typical meal plans, why not enlist the kids for some cooking help? This stuffed pepper recipe is easy, delicious and forgiving. Substitute ground turkey or a meatless alternative if you like. Swap out green peppers for yellow or orange. Mix all the ingredients in one skillet to precook, cut the peppers in half, add the filling and bake!


PE in Your Living Room

Kids are happier (and healthier) when they’ve had a chance to jump, run, dance, and get goofy every day. Have your little ones join Coach Brett at SPIDERfit Kids for 20ish minutes of super fun sports movement they can do inside! No special equipment needed.


Picture Lesson       

Looking for something to keep the kids busy and entertained during your next conference call? Check out the fun (and free) drawing videos at Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. They’ve got a whole host of darling Easter images that your kids will love to create and color. Then just cut out their masterpieces and hang them up!


Photo Hunt

Here’s an idea for a kids’ photo walk. Arm your little ones with an old camera (or cellphone with a camera) and encourage them to stroll your block slowly. Let them take pictures of anything that interests them, or (if they need a little direction) provide them with a checklist like: a person, something red, food, something fast, the weather, etc. Then upload the photos to your computer and let them narrate their experience and perspective for you.

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