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Erika's stay-at-home picks for March 28 and 29

Have a movie night, "go" to the Burke Museum (we'll tell you how) or put the kids to work organizing next week's snacks.

Happy Hanami

It’s spring and the flowers are blooming! Take your family unit out for some Hanami, the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, particularly the cherry blossoms.  Walk your neighborhood slowly and play an ‘I Spy’ game with all the vibrant colors you see.


Burke Museum Virtual Event

You can't go to the Burke Museum now, but you can do these fun and free paleontology-related activities from home! Go on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and take on some mesozoic monster-inspired crafts (Therizinosaurus Throwdown, anyone?), as part of the Burke Museum's  virtual "I Dig Dinos" experience. Download the "I Dig Dinos" activities here. You can do them any time, and you are encouraged to share the results on Sunday, March 29 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Night at the Movies

Worried that your kids are getting a little too much tech time? Why not combine the screens with something inspiring AND educational. Pop some popcorn, hand around the Red Vines and delve into history with "Lincoln" (PG-13) or "Hidden Figures" (PG). Sneak in some science with "If You Build It" (documentary) or "October Sky" (PG). Or discover some mighty math with "Searching for Bobby Fischer" (PG) or "The Imitation Game" (PG-13).


Prep Snacks for the Week

You’ve probably noticed that dishes are a problem with everyone in and out of the kitchen all day long.  You know what else is a problem? Being asked for food regularly while trying to work from home. Here’s an idea to alleviate some of the former and provide healthy options for the latter. Discuss and decide on a few healthy snack options over the weekend. Gather the needed ingredients, then assemble five days of snacks in reusable, easy-to-open containers. Place these at a level your kids can reach in the pantry or refrigerator, and label them for each day of the week. Here are some snack ideas.


Get Moving … even Indoors

For kids used to recess and extracurricular sports, the quarantine might be driving them (and you) up the walls. Put your tech to work and discover a new, fun way for kids to burn off that extra energy! Cosmic Kids Yoga combines stories and bright imagery while kids stretch, breathe, build their strength, get exercise and reduce anxiety. And parents, don’t forget you need exercise, too – join your kids for a fun yoga session.