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Erika's stay-at-home picks for May 9 and 10

A cool science experiment, a cooking project and some things to build (including a parade float!)

Spring Showers Experiment

While we wait for May flowers, your kids can learn about April showers, through this simple and fun science experiment. All you need is a large jar, shaving cream, gel food coloring and a dropper. Mix the food coloring with water in small cups. Fill the large jar three-quarters full with clear water, spray a bunch of shaving cream in jar until it is above the top of the jar. Then use a dropper to pick up some colored water and drip it into the shaving cream "cloud." The colored water will seep through the cloud just like rain does into the clear water (representing air) below.


Parade in Place

Our neighbors to the south in Portland, enjoy a huge spring festival complete with a parade, called The Rose Festival. This year, the festival, like everything else, has been canceled. But that does not mean the celebrations can’t continue. With a little ingenuity, the parade will go on, albeit virtually, and they are inviting everyone to submit a ‘float’ for the event. Find a shoebox or small box, decide on a theme, and decorate/build your entry. Then submit photos of your float and look for it in the parade on Facebook Live on Saturday, June 6.


Eggstraordinary Breakfast

Ah, the basic omelette. This often-overlooked item is a great cooking entry for your kids. The omelette recipe can be personalized (to meet the needs of picky eaters or dietary restrictions) and the main ingredient (eggs) is forgiving. Basically, it’s a hard dish to ruin, therefore perfect for the new cook. All you need to begin are eggs, butter, milk, salt and pepper, and a small frying pan. Crack the eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper and a tablespoon of milk. Beat the eggs with a fork until yolks are broken and combined with the egg whites. Bring your pan to a high heat and add a teaspoon of butter. Pour eggs into pan, making sure mixture is spread evenly, then reduce heat. As egg sets, use a spatula to push egg toward center, tilting pan slightly to allow runny egg to fill the new space. Once set, extra ingredients (like ham, cheese, herbs, tomatoes) can be added to top and cooked for another minute, then simply slide omelette onto a plate, folding in half at the finish. Delish!


Wacky Workout

Need a creative way to encourage your kids to burn some energy? Have them try this alphabetical exercise chart. They can start by doing the activities that spell their first name, but once that gets old, use middle names, last names, nicknames, or pick some silly words or short sentences and challenge them every day.


Build a Bug Hotel

Put those empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes to good use and encourage your kids to create a habitat for the creepy crawly critters in your yard. They can learn what each creature’s ideal bedding and environment might be (i.e. bamboo, dead wood, dry leaves, moss, etc.), and build a room for them in the hotel to keep them safe from predators. Learn more about the creepy-crawlies in your yard here.