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Erika's Weekend Picks: Social Distancing Edition

This weekend's picks all conform to health department recommendations that people avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, in order to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Stay safe, everyone!


Baking with Girl Scout Cookies: Unless you’ve been out of the country, you’ll know that it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. But did you also know there are more things you can do with these delightful cookies than simply open the box and consume a full sleeve in one sitting? Check out the fun recipes here for ice cream, cupcakes, bark, bars, and more.


Beginner Bread Baking: Bread. It’s one of the first things to disappear in the grocery store aisles in a crisis. Why not learn to make your own if you have a little time? From focaccia to sandwich bread, you can find surprisingly easy recipes online like these.


Exercise and Stay Healthy: If you are avoiding the gym germs or your kids are home from school and going a little stir crazy, know that you can continue to follow the social distance edict, yet get out and get moving at parks all over our city. Hike the bluffs at Discovery Park.

Stroll the shore at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.

Wander the woods of Seward Park.

Or bask in the botany at Washington Park Arboretum.


Screen Alternatives: Negotiating screen usage is hard at the best of times, let alone if you are housebound more than normal. Consider stocking up on jigsaw puzzles or latch hook kits. Why not learn to crochet, try your hand at cross-stitch, or have fun with finger knitting. You can also download books and audio books for free from the Seattle Public Library with your library card.


Online Learning – If you do need to screens for some distraction, this is a great time for young kids to learn to type, have your middle-school kids master math, or encourage your high-schoolers to brush up on their test skills. There are tons of free learning tools on the Internet, but be sure to give them a parental eyeball before letting your kids loose on them. Check out our list of teacher-recommended home-learning resources.