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Dino Don t. rex

This cranky T. rex doesn't find quizzes to be very funny. (Photo by Jillian O'Connor)

Fun with dinosaurs: Take Dino Don’s quiz

A fun, silly test from the creator of Woodland Park Zoo's dinosaurs.

Editor’s note: This fun-loving quiz has been excerpted with permission from the website of Dino Don, the creator of movie dinosaurs for “Jurassic Park” films and the maker of the impressive, colossal robotic dinosaurs currently visiting the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

The quiz


1. What are the three different dinosaur periods?

a. First one, Second One, and Third One
b. Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous
c. Morassic, Zoorassic, and Thoracic


2. How did the plant-eater Plateosaurus chop up its food?

a. It didn’t – it digested it in its stomach
b. It had a Cuisinart of tooth shapes
c. It used a chain saw


3. Therizinosaurus was a mysterious dinosaur. But we do have these bones of an embryo that show it was:

a. kind of ugly
b. an unusual meat-eater with teeth designed for eating plants
c. made entirely of cheese


4. The first dinosaur eggs discovered were found:

a. in the grocery store dairy aisle
b. near the beach in France
c. in a very large cardboard container



Dino Don parasaurolophus

Check out that crest! The parasaurolophus at Woodland Park Zoo. (Photo by Jillian O’Connor)


5. Oviraptor had no teeth. So perhaps it ate:

a. ice cream
b. tomato soup
c. small reptiles and mammals


6. Mamenchisaurus was the longest-necked animal ever. It was:

a. impossible to pronounce
b. able to see around corners
c. the stupidest animal that ever lived


7. T. rex is no longer considered “King of the Dinosaurs” because:

a. It retired
b. We’ve found bigger killer dinosaurs
c. It had such little arms


8. Velociraptor means “speedy thief” and it was given its name by:

a. A bicycle company which paid to dig it up
b. A paleontologist from Transylvania
c. The real Indiana Jones


9. Which of these is NOT an actual dinosaur name:

a. Muraenosaurus
b. Annoyasaurus
c. Irritator
d. Deinodon


Dino Don Inc.’s “Dinosaur Discovery” will be at Woodland Park Zoo until Sept. 6.

For more dinosaur facts and trivia, visit the Dino Don site.

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