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Genuine skagit cooking

Heritage Piglets at Mesman Farm from the book 'Genuine Skagit Cooking.' Photo by Charity Burggraaf

New book: ‘Genuine Skagit Cooking’

King County neighbors in the Skagit Valley share their family recipies

Genuine skagit cooking cookbookA whole lot of parents want to cook tasty, healthy, and, where they can, sustainable meals for their families. In May, the residents of the Skagit Valley’s farming community will offer up some of their favorite, locally sourced recipes to help them do just that.

Located an hour north of Seattle, Skagit food producers, small business owners, and residents opened their recipe boxes to create the new regional cookbook “Genuine Skagit Cooking.” The book is a celebration of Skagit Valley, one of the most important agricultural valleys remaining in the Puget Sound region. The area boasts roughly 90,000 acres of agricultural land and grows 90 different crops. According to the 2021 Farmland Legacy Program report, “the valley’s fertile soil has been rated in the top 2 percent of soils in the world, making the Skagit Valley one of the most important and productive agricultural regions in the world.

In a release announcing the books, Blake Van Roekel, director of Genuine Skagit Valley, who co-wrote the cookbook with Stefanie Lejeunes, said: “Since the first commercial harvest of potatoes in 1853, Skagit farmers have supplied the Northwest, nation, and world with nearly every crop imaginable. We’ve taken the tastes of the Valley one step further and are proudly sharing farm-fresh recipes straight from the kitchens of our little corner of the country to homes across the globe.”

“Genuine Skagit Cooking” is available May 7 from Raspberry Bow Press, an independent book press located in Skagit. It features more than 45 recipes and includes photos from food photographer Charity Burggraaf using locally-grown produce, Genuine Skagit Cooking invites both locals and others across the country into the kitchen to cook the Skagit way.

Your family is invited to celebrate the farm-raised flavors of the Skagit Valley at the MAY 7 book release party, which will feature bites of dishes featured in the cookbook. The event is FREE, but Registration is required, and space is limited.

To pre-order the book, go to Raspberry Bow Press.

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