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COVID help for families

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Assistance is available for families hit hard by pandemic

Agencies can offer food home delivery, child care, furniture and other help.

Help for families: More than a year after the pandemic started, COVID-19 continues to shake the world. Families are struggling to find a sense of normalcy. Many face homelessness, food insecurity, mental health issues and unemployment. 

Programs in the Seattle area are offering assistance to help families in need:

    • Food box home delivery: King County food banks, Safeway, DoorDash and United Way of King County are offering help to those in isolation or to people who don’t have access to a local food bank. If you’re unable to leave home and are in need of food, you may request an emergency food box. Boxes can be delivered throughout King County.
    • Humble Design: This organization provides furniture and appliances for families and individuals who are finding their way out of homelessness.
    • People’s Free Telehealth: This team of board-certified and state-licensed medical providers volunteers to conduct confidential video meetings with underserved, uninsured and underinsured populations. Patients can share health concerns and the providers will create a comprehensive plan for treatment.
    • FareStart: This organization offers job training in the restaurant industry, helping to build critical life skills and job skills. FareStart also offers free meals to those in need.
    • Seattle Parks and Recreation: If you need help with child care and online learning, Seattle Parks and Recreation provides assistance for its full-day child care for elementary-school-age kids. Teen Resource Hubs in the Seattle area provide school assistance, internet access and mental health support for teens. For details, contact your local community center.
    • United Way of King County: Working with a large network of nonprofits, UWKC offers multiple services and can help with information about the CARES Act relief fund, rental assistance and the Streets to Home outreach program. UWKC also can help residents get access to emergency food packs, mental health care and employment assistance services.  

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