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Kraken hockey

The Pacific Science Center's stegosaurus appears to be a Kraken fan. (All photos by Jillian O'Connor)

It’s a Kraken good time at Pacific Science Center

Parent review: Families can learn all about the physics of hockey, and try it out, too. (No skates required.)

If you want to try a slapshot or test out your goalie skills, you might want to check out the “Hockey: Faster Than Ever” exhibit, a joint venture of the Pacific Science Center and the new NHL team, the Seattle Kraken. 

Kraken hockey

At the hockey exhibit: See how far you can get.

The interactive exhibit, which is launching to the public on Monday, Nov. 8, at the Pacific Science Center, had its sneak preview for the media on Nov. 5. We got to see the exhibit first and try out some cool games. (Note: I learned that I am not quite ready to be an NHL goalie, but my kids would certainly last in that virtual spot a bit longer and have a good time too.)

Kids and their grownups can also test out their skills with a real stick and puck, hitting slapshots, and then seeing how they measure up to current NHL players height-wise.

Players up close.

At the start of the exhibit, visitors can learn all about the hockey and its origins in icy Canada, inspired by the First Nations and Native American sport lacrosse, hurling in Ireland, and bandy in England and other parts of Europe. (You also get to see models of the equipment used in these sports back in the day.)

Another intriguing display features the flouncy outfits likely worn by women and girls who played the sport back in the early 1900s. 

The triceratops has some new fan gear.

One of my personal favorites at the exhibit was a giant touch-screen game that lets you try smoothing an ice rink with a Zamboni ice resurfacer. (I suspect preschoolers will have a hard time taking turns with this one!) You do get a grade for your success with the machine. And I tried not to pout like a preschooler when I saw how low my score was. 

Kraken hockey exhibit

The penalty box.

There’s also a great photo op: a penalty box you can sit in, which I expect will be a big family crowd-pleaser. Visitors can try out old-school bubble hockey, as well as an all-digital air hockey table. 

The exhibit is packed with interactive displays that show the sports’ physics principles in a way that will be enjoyable for little kids as well as adults unfamiliar with the sport. 

You can grab a stick and go.

Hockey fans, meanwhile, will also be able to see jerseys of many NHL players, including a couple for the Kraken.

The exhibit will be at Pacific Science Center until Feb. 27, when it starts its tour of the United States. 

Kraken hockey

Classic bubble hockey at the science center.

If you go

Timed tickets available at


Adults: $24.95
Youth (3-15): $17.50
Seniors: $22.50

Member prices 

Adults: $19.95
Youth (3-15): $13.95
Seniors: $17.95

Masks required. Proof of vaccination or negative PCR test required for entry for guests age 12 and older. 

Exhibit’s run: Nov. 8 to Feb. 27

Note: The Pacific Science Center has not fully reopened.

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