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May Day flowers

It’s almost May Day! Teach your kids this sweet, fun tradition

Sunday is May Day. Bring back a forgotten ritual!

Does anybody give out May Day flowers anymore?

I can remember doing it as a kid, at my mom’s urging. It was simple and fun: We picked a few blossoms, maybe tied a ribbon around them, then put them on neighbors’ porches, rang the bell and took off before being discovered. No big deal, but with little kids it probably was a project that filled a couple of hours or maybe the whole morning.

Apparently this is a rite of spring that has mostly run its course.

NPR a couple of years back took a deep dive into the “forgotten traditon” of May Basket Day. 

I say: Let’s bring it back!

What a sweet, simple way to teach kids about kindness and brighten someone’s day.

May Day flowers: ideas

If you want to get fancy, Martha Stewart has a video of her interpretation of a May Day basket, and of course there are tons of cute ideas on Pinterest. 

I’m inclined to keep it simple. Pick (or purchase) a few flowers, put them in small vases, little baskets or paper cones and go spread good cheer! You could choose to do it anonymously or with a little note.


Originally published April 2019

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