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Josie Garcia is passionate about her family and community | Unsung Hero

She is a great resource for Spanish speakers and parents of kids (and adults) on the autism spectrum

Seattle’s Child is proud to partner with the state Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington to honor outstanding caregivers doing important work on behalf of children.

All month long, we’ll introduce you to Unsung Heroes from around the state: biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofits; some mentor others in their communities. Enjoy their stories.


Josie Garcia, Pasco

Josie is one of the sweetest humans I have met.

She is passionate about her family and community. Regardless of what her life brings or what her family is going through, she will reach out to help. Her passion of working with autistic children and grown children has blossomed and she loves helping out the families that have special-needs children or children on the spectrum, that don’t know how to advocate for themselves or that are too overwhelmed to know where to begin.

I have watched Josie come to life in meetings where we are talking about this, and it is amazing to watch. She recently helped a family with a grown adult autistic child find resources to keep him and his family safe. Josie served on the ECEAP Steering committee with DCYF as well and manages a group in the Tri-Cities for parents of autistic children, Childhood Autism Supports for Parents.

She has openly discussed struggling with her own mental health, and instead of being ashamed, she uses it to help others identify that they are not alone. She is bilingual and reaches out to Spanish speakers who need additional support and connections. She is a shining example of protective factors being used to create a healthy family and community.


Nominators: April Messenger & Goretti Manzo



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