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Life skills to teach older kids, teens while staying at home

Make good use of this time at home.

With kids out of school, it may be tempting to assume your older kids and self-sufficient and will take care of themselves.

There’s never a bad time to learn a new life skill and its an opportunity for parents to connect with their child. Teach them some of those grownup life skills that can be tough to find time for amid the demands of school and life in general. Here’s some of what parents are talking about with their older children.


Teaching life skills: Mechanics and shop class

Move to the garage for lessons in shop and mechanics. Teach your tweens and teens how to change a tire, check the oil in the car, do a tune-up, and even wash the car. Bikes need TLC, too. Learn how to grease up the gears and replace the tires to keep everything in tip-top shape (YouTube videos help!).

Shop class at home will teach kids to safely use basic tools (hammer, nails, screwdrivers, handsaws, etc). Make things like like squirrel boxes, bird feeders, ramps for skateboarding or even a treehouse!

If your teen is old enough and you’re brave enough, take your child out for a test drive. Parents have found it a good time to tackle some beginner driving lessons in a nearby empty parking lot or conveniently uncrowded street. Prepare for them to get their license or permit once things open back up.


Teaching life skills: Home Economics

Dust off your sewing machine! Parents are teaching their children to sew clothes for themselves and other basic stitching skills to rescue a loose button or fix a minor tear. Some families have also been busy sewing masks and then donating their work to area hospitals.

Teaching life skills: money

Cha-ching! Kids of all ages are learning about money. Some families have developed a reward system connected to chores, while others talk about money and the ways to earn, spend, save and give. Teens are taught to balance the household checkbook, as well as ways to earn good credit and invest in the stock market.


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