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Making a mom cave

This North Seattle mother of two has an organized space for creating and writing, away from the chaos

The idea of a man cave may elicit a few eye rolls, but what would you think of a mom cave? Megan Jepsen imagined just that, and with the help of Rachel Corwin of Spruce with Rachel, she was able to put together a creative and workable space from which her entire family benefits.

Megan; her husband, Marshall Balick; and their two daughters, Coco, 5, and Pearl, 3, live in an 1,800-square-foot home between Loyal Heights and Sunset Hill. For the the past few years Megan has used her Montessori education background to run a small playgroup out of their basement — a program she’s now working toward licensing as an in-home toddler Montessori school (hopefully up and running in January of 2018). The mom cave, a 150-square-foot office adjacent to the play area, had long been used as a dumping ground for unorganized items as it was easy to hide things behind a closed door.

“Things that belonged to the girls, teaching materials and activities I had created for the children, old memorabilia, books, toys, old clothes, unorganized art supplies and a variety of other items were all over the place,” says Megan.


A pegboard station has a unique spot for each craft item, tool or utensil.

Megan craved a space where she could organize her materials, create personal art and write. Enter Rachel. The duo got to work mapping out the necessities for creating a truly organized and joyful space for Megan. The focal point of the room became a huge, Pinterest-worthy pegboard that is a station for all things creative and has a unique spot for each craft item, tool or utensil.

“The girls will say they want to paint or create a lemonade stand, and I have all the items at my fingertips to be able to create that world with them,” says Megan. “If my husband needs permanent markers, I know exactly where to find them.”

Along with being a station for play supplies, puzzles and toys, the mom cave also serves as an office space and quiet getaway from the chaos of life. “The mom-cave space is more a platform for me to be the leader or ground control where I can help facilitate a home that is organized and less chaotic,” says Megan. As well as her Montessori items, all of Megan’s personal materials are accessible, which eliminates any scrambling for items when she does have time for herself. The new desk area — pieced together from another of Rachel’s clients — allows her to print, create and finish projects.

“I love my family and all the joy and chaos they bring,” says Megan. “But I also crave having a place I can escape to and be calm and collect my thoughts. They know it’s a special place for me.”

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