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Meet the parent: Mona Concepcion: Standup comic and mom to a blended family of 4 boys


Meet the parent: Mona Concepcion

Hello, Mona!

Mona says: "I have a shiny new blended family. My fiancé Cliff and I have four boys together, Damon (15), Nathan (13), Callum (9) and TJ (9). Four boys! One house! During the day, I work in higher ed marketing and he works in IT. But at night, I get to make dozens of strangers laugh and Cliff’s there to be my biggest fan!  As the youngest of five kids, I’ve been performing my whole life. But professionally, I’ve been performing since 2012. I had lived in White Center since 2001, but my boys and I recently moved to Kenmore where we all live in one very energetic house."

Where might parents run into you and your family in Seattle?

You can definitely find a very frazzled version of me toting my kids anywhere they can roam free — Roxhill Park, Saint Edward State Park, empty parking lots. Since our boys are different ages, it’s hard to find an activity for all of them to do, but movies have been a big hit. There is nothing more uniting than a bucket of buttery popcorn. 

What do you enjoy most about performing standup? 

Standup comedy allows me to be my true self. I get to choose what identity I present, I’m not automatically a mom until I start on mom jokes. My jokes are observational and cut through my real life and there’s nothing more electrifying than hearing a crowd laugh at the words I put together to entertain them. 

Have your kids done anything funny lately? 

My 13-year-old has perfected his impression of me, which I guess as the son of a comedian, it’s to be expected. Sometimes I’ll ask him to do an impression and he’ll pretend I’m talking to his stepdad, “OK Babe! It’s time to watch '90 Day Fiancé'!”  

How do you like to unwind? 

Every night, my fiancé, Cliff, and I cook dinner together, and it’s one of my favorite things to do because I finally have a partner in the kitchen and I make him kiss the chef. 

What do you think people might find most surprising about you? 

I love sports! I am a huge fan of the Seahawks and I don’t talk about it enough. I am in two fantasy football leagues and about to join an NBA one. I’m not an expert, but I’m very opinionated and ready to challenge anyone who says, “Oh I didn’t know you knew that.” 

Tell us about Saipan!

Saipan is a tiny tropical island in the western pacific that is part of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory and real place! It’s like a small town: You are related to everyone and it takes 10 minutes to get to where you need to go. But it’s also gorgeous all year long with pink sunsets and warm tropical weather and you can wear shorts every day. 

Is there anything you're working on right now that you could use help with from our parent community? 

Come see me perform in the 40th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. Comedy makes for a great night out, especially if I’m on the stage. I’ll be performing around Washington from November 12-16 and I would love to see some faces laughing with me and at me. You can find tickets here. and you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.



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