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Train structure

A train-themed playground, Mercerdale Park celebrated its reopening in early July 2022. (Photos by Jasmin Thankachen)

Mercerdale train park open after renovation

Can't miss improvements at the renovated park on Mercer Island

All aboard! Calling all train lovers (and really anyone who loves climbing, sliding, swinging and imaginative play). The long-awaited renovation is complete and the Mercerdale “Train” Park is ready for visitors.

The Train

Enter the playground from any side of the enclosure and you can’t miss this large climbing structure. Kids (and parents) will want to climb the large rock structure at the rear of the train, right up to the top. Sit and rest awhile, then make your way down the ladder or back out the caboose. Parents, watch your toddlers, there are few guardrails at the top for safety. Imagine being an engineer and have a seat inside the train too. On hot days, it’s a great place to catch some shade.


Slides and swings

If your child is a fan of slides or swings, you’ve got plenty of options at this park. With zig-zagging ramps, soft turf and wide spaces, the playground is all abilities accessible too. The swing area is equipped with one bucket seat for small children, two rubber-seated swings and one adaptive swing. The Mercerdale train park also boasts plenty of sensory games and puzzles to play by yourself or with friends.

Creating a course

Follow the leader on these half-moon balance beams then hop onto the platform to the other side. Take the wavy beam to the ladder that leads to the slide and down you go!

“Hey, mom! This is like parkour,” my older sons observe. Younger kids will love testing their upper body strength as they hold on to the bars and swing from one end to the other.


Replacing traditional merry-go-rounds, this newer spinning structure was a huge hit with kids. Stay within the structure or hang off the side. Parental supervision is needed when little kids are playing with older children who tend to spin fast in this contraption.

Shady areas provide a place to rest at the park.

Shady areas

Time for a rest. Beneath the structures at Mercerdale train park are plenty of areas where a child can have a seat from all the active play. Some stations have sensory-friendly games to play on the walls of the structure, while other areas encourage imaginative play. One in particular had a check-out booth, where you could pretend play at the store. There was even a small cash register etched into the plastic.

Play the drums at this Mercer Island park.

Rhythm and dance

Another awesome feature of the park is the collection of musical instruments. Play the drums, chimes or  large cabasa and make some music! Adults get in on the fun too. Teach your kids about rhythm and make musical patterns. Maybe even do the macarena.

Know before you go:

  • Mercerdale Park is located at 3009 77th Ave SE Mercer Island
  • Bathrooms are located across the park, so leave plenty of time to take a potty break
  • Benches have been installed around the perimeter of the park, so bring a lunch/snack
  • Free parking is available on 34th Street near the Mercer Island Thrift Shop

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