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More Seattle kids will learn to ride bikes thanks to this in-school program

Seattle Public Schools and Cascade Bicycle Club are expanding the Let’s Go Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety curriculum, which aims to introduce kids to what can become a lifelong skill and activity.

The program, already one of the largest of its kind in the country, will reach about twice as many kids as it expands from elementary schools into middle schools. After the expansion was approved in January, it has already launched at four middle schools:Broadview-Thomson K-8, Asa Mercer International, Hamilton Internationaland Jane Addams. It will serve some 40,000 kids once the expansion is complete.

Here's how it works: Cascade provides the bicycles, helmets and training materials (with funding help from the city of Seattle) and trains P.E. teachers in the program's curriculum. It's a two-week program at middle schools and three weeks in elementary schools, covering the physical fundamentals of cycling, plus the rules of the road.Let’s Go also provides special training for children with disabilities.

The goal is to give all children access to the fun, freedomand health benefits of bicycling, not to mention introducing them to a nonpolluting means of transportation.

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