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Jo, Valerie and Skai Photo by Joshua Huston

New beginnings and new traditions

Two grandmothers are looking ahead to a happy season of new experiences for their toddler.

Holiday Card Contest 2021: Jo and Valerie admit that they don’t have any holiday traditions… yet. For them, the 2021 holiday season represents an opportunity for new beginnings and new traditions. “We’re starting all over,” says Jo. 

Grandmothers to 2-year-old Skai, whom they have been raising since birth, Jo and Valerie can’t wait to introduce the toddler to the magic of the season this year. Not only will she be old enough to be aware of the festivities and even take part in some, but she, Valerie and Jo will be much healthier. In 2020, all three spent the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas recovering from COVID. 


“We’ll make a gingerbread house,” says Valerie, who has memories of doing the same with her mother. What else is on their to-do list with their toddler? Trips to Candy Cane Lane, Swanson’s to see the reindeer, small family gatherings and just driving around admiring neighborhood lights while sipping on hot chocolate. Both agree Skai will love the lights and the music the most.  

“It’s really exciting because she’s only 2, and we get to introduce her to all of the joys of the holiday season. The Christmas spirit. We’re just at the beginning of that,” says Jo.

Originally from New York, Jo and Valerie hope to one day treat Skai to a New York City Christmas, and take her to Rockefeller Center and to admire the window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue. For now, though, they are excited to enjoy this season together. Opportunities await the new family!

This story was first published on Nov. 1, 2021.

Jo, Valerie and Skai are one of the families photographed as part of Seattle’s Child’s 2021 Holiday Card Contest. 

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