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Our Family Dog: What happens when you go to a shelter to 'just look' at the dogs

Oliver the dog finds his forever home with a multigenerational family. They weren't even looking to get a dog, but you know how that goes ...

When Amy King took her 8-year-old daughter, Alli, to visit dogs through Ginger’s Pet Rescue in 2018, it was really just to look (it’s always just to look). But the second Alli locked eyes with Oliver, a sweet, fluffy dog who flew all the way from Korea to find his forever home, Amy knew that he would be joining the family.

“He looked up with his sad little eyes and she would not let go,” says Amy.

Oliver or “big baby” as the family affectionately calls him, brought a fresh energy to the Kings’ daily life. Amy’s mom Dell (Mi Mi), who joined the household when she retired, was especially thrilled to have Oliver as a special companion. Now Mi Mi has big baby all to herself while Amy and her husband, Victor, are at work and Alli goes to school.

“Oliver and my mom have become super close,” says Amy. “He is such a sweet dog and has enhanced our family so much.”

Oliver prefers to spend his days playing fetch with his favorite blue owl toy and going for walks along the trails on Cougar Mountain. The moment Alli arrives home from school, Oliver scampers across the hardwood floor and slides into the carpet to greet her by the door. For many parents, big baby would be the ideal family pet; he never barks, he loves to snuggle, and he can cook! Just kidding. But in the eyes of the King family, he really is the perfect dog.

“He runs around outside with Alli and cuddles up with her when she’s reading as if he’s her little blanket,” says Amy. “We each have our own special relationship with him.”

For the Kings, adding a dog to the family wasn’t part of the plan. But sometimes plans are made to be (house) broken.


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