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Family Portraits: Jackie Phairow takes pictures for charity through the Front Step Project

Staying at least 6 feet away, Jackie Phairow takes family portraits for charity. Photos and photo collage by Jackie Phairow.

Photographer Captures Family Portraits From 6 Feet Away

Local photographer participates in #thefrontporchproject photographing families for donations to local non-profits

After the stay-at-home order shut down Jackie Phairow’s Woodinville photography studio 5 months ago, Phairow decided to take family portraits through a charitable program called #frontstepproject.

How it works: while staying six or more feet away, Phairow takes family portraits of people at their houses.  Instead of a payment, she asks them to give a donation to a local non-profit, listed on her website.

A Massachusetts photographer, Cara Soulia, started #frontstepproject. The aim: give back to her community, while recording this very unique time in a family’s life.


Intimate, fun and silly moments

Phairow uses a long lens to capture the intimate, fun and silly moments of her clients. “I follow the mood of the family and capture moments,” she says.

She finds the work fulfilling. “I feel like I needed to get out. I’m a people-person and I like to put smiles of the faces of those in my community, especially when people are feeling kinda crazy.”

Phairow’s studio has reopened, but she’ll continue to photograph families for the #frontstepproject. She asks that families look for more information, sign up, and see examples of her work on her website.

“I’m really happy to see families and love that we can give back to the community.”

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