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Point Defiance welcomes sea otter rescued from California

Moea is getting along great with the other two otters in the Tacoma zoo's Rocky Shores habitat.

A Southern sea otter who was rescued and rehabilitated in California has joined the sea otters at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma.

Ten-year-old Moea (pronounced Mia) is said to begetting along swimmingly with Northern sea otterSekiu, 6, and Southern sea otter Libby, 7, in the Rocky Shoreshabitat at the zoo inside Point Defiance Park.

Staff at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California rescued Moea as a stranded otter tainted with oil from a spill, rehabilitated her and returned her to the wild. But the little otter seemed to prefer the company of humans and returned. Her affinity for people and penchant for seeking them out could pose a danger to her in the wild. As a result, she will remain in human care and is considered non-releasable.

Point Defiance is happy to have her.Keepers describe Moea as calm, confident – and say she loves her breakfast. And her favorite food? “Right now it’s mussels, with crab as a close second,” said Staff Biologist Caryn Carter.

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